Kool April Nites bring anniversary surprise

Apr 27, 2014 3:53 PM

This year's Kool April Nites turned out to be a dream come true for one lucky lady.

"My very first job out of high school, my boss's wife had a '56 Thunderbird, and I just always wanted one," Kathy Fontes said.

Kathy's wish was granted in the form of an anniversary gift from her husband, who surprised her at the annual car show.

"I wanted to get her a car for several years, and with four children, a couple weddings, a couple college educations, I wasn't able to purchase one until about 2005, and we stored it for several years until about 2 years ago, and I decided I wanted to put it together and have it for our 50th wedding anniversary," Keith Fontes said.

From muscle cars to hot rods, classic cars are king at this event.

All the vehicles registered must be from 1979 or older.

"New cars and the things that they do are amazing, but I just like a plain car with a lot of good body lines," Philip Baker said.

Enthusiasts agree that cars are a hobby that eventually just become a part of you.

"You gotta understand, I'm from the 50s and the 60s, so that's the way we were raised. I was from Illinois and cars were our life back there, you know, just something that once it gets in your blood, it's gonna stay there forever," Larry Henneinke said.


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