Kohl's paying $1 million to settle lawsuit with Shasta County

Jun 26, 2015 2:48 PM by News Staff

Shasta County is set to receive a portion of a nearly $1 million settlement stemming from a lawsuit accusing Kohl's of over-charging customers.

The civil case against Kohl's Corporation was filed by the District Attorney's Offices of Shasta, Santa Cruz, Fresno, and Riverside counties.

The complaint alleges that Kohl's violated the law by charging customers a higher price than the prices advertised on store shelves and signage. The complaint also alleges that material disclosures relating to the "Kohl's Cash" program were not adequately made in Kohl's advertisements.

The case arose due to scanner/price inspections by multiple county Weights & Measures units. These inspections revealed numerous occasions where the price charged at the cash register at Kohl's stores was not the lowest advertised or the posted price.

Kohl's cooperated with inspectors and the DA's Offices during the investigation. Without admitting wrongdoing, Kohl's then consented to an Entry of Judgment that includes injunctive provisions to ensure future compliance. As part of the judgment, Kohl's is also required to pay civil penalties, costs of investigation, and restitution in an amount totaling $958,686.27.

Consumers in Shasta County who believe they are a victim of a price overcharge may contact either the Shasta County DA's Office Consumer Protection Unit at 530-245-6300 or the Shasta County Department of Weights & Measures at 530-224-4949.


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