Klump Pump

Jul 21, 2013 6:24 PM

A retired United States Forest Service Division Chief has a developed a device to help battle blazes on the front lines.

Jim Klump of Forbestown has created a portable water tank to help crews fire fires more efficiently.

His creation is called the Klump Pump and this is how it works: Helicopters transport the water tank to remote locations where fire trucks just can’t get, its 1,000-gallon tank is filled with water, hoses are attached and fires are then fought.

The Klump Pump has been used on fires in California, Oregon and Idaho. Currently, three are being used to fight fires in Southern California.

And while Klump’s short-term goal is to expand his business, his ultimate goal is the same as it was when he started fighting fires more than 50 years ago: Saving lives.

“That’s why I designed it,” Klump said. “I designed it for all those people that are currently out there fighting fires and all those that never came back.”

For more information on the Klump Pump visit www.uni-engine.com.


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