Klan members, protesters arrested in Anaheim street brawl

Feb 29, 2016 7:17 PM by CBS News

Klan members had just arrived at Anaheim's Pearson Park when they came face to face with protesters. Witnesses said a war of words instantly turned physical.

Anaheim Police said fights broke out along a full city block after the crowd surrounded five or six Klan members. One Klan member used a flagpole to stab a counter protestor. The violence and attempts by police and some witnesses to stop it.

Officers on the scene say they witnessed a Klansman stabbing another protestor with a knife and found a third counter-protestor in a car nearby also stabbed.

Police said they have arrested 13 people – 6 klan members and 7 others – each for assault with a deadly weapon.

Both sides – claiming the other is to blame.


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