Kindergarten Starts

Aug 11, 2010 3:51 PM

" It feels too quick, it feels like this should have been happening maybe 10 years down the road" said Kim Rolfe, a parent from Shasta Elementary. The first day of school for kindergarteners and their parents is a mix of emotions as parent Chelsey Garner explains "it's nerve racking and so exciting at the same time".
Bother eager and proud parents watch as their little ones take their first steps onto campus and into a new world filled with learning and fun. They capture every moment and memory with cameras at their side. But for many parents, saying goodbye and leaving their babies behind is nearly impossible. " I'm probably going to be the mom that's crying on the playground when it's time to go and leave the classroom" said Jamie Shute, parent of young Hannah who just started kindergarten. Kim Rolfe ads that "I was sad, I was holding back some tears".
But for the most part, these aren't tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Parents say watching your child grow right before your eyes is the great gift. " I'm sure there will be a few tears after I drop him off, but ultimately it's
just happy tears" said Chelsey Garner.
Chelsey already has a daughter in second grade. Now that her son Lane is starting kindergarten she says it will be a little tough to get through the first few days being without them, but Lane couldn't be happier. " It's fun and you get to play on this great big playground" Lane said. And Lane already knows what his favorite part of school will be, " Learning new things and raising my hand" Lane explained.
Lane has every right to be excited with an entire lifetime in front of him, and parents can't wait to see what lies ahead. " I feel so wonderful you know, it's his first time and it's like opening the door for his future" Pompilio Ortiz explained, of his son Edgar starting kindergarten.


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