Kids Release Salmon Into The Feather River

Jan 11, 2013 12:47 PM

A class from Oakdale Heights Elementary School in Oroville spent their school day away from books and tests. Instead, they took time to learn about the world around them in a unique way.

nats saying goodbye

Elisa Huru's third graders said goodbye this morning to a different kind of school.

Carlos says, "we had to let them go... It was sad, but we talked to them and told them about all the dangers."

For the past couple months, these students have been studying the life cycle of the Chinook Salmon that use this area as their spawning ground.

Ms. Huru says, "we've got the Feather River in our back yard, and with what I get to teach, this is the greatest connection around."

They raised the fish from eggs to the the point where they are now ready swim away.

Elise says, "now they're going to their own life to be their own real King Chinook Salmon.

But before they released them, there were two more important steps.

"Ace, what did you name your fish? Steve."

Elise says, "I named it Silver because my fish was silver."

Carlos says, "I named my fish Carlos Junior the Third."

Emanuel says, "Sammy... Why did you name him Sammy? Because it rhymes with Salmon"

Marcelo says, "my best friend Joseph because he took care of the fish, helped everyone, and since it's his birthday."

And final instructions before they swam off into the great unknown.

Joseph says, "be aware of the dangers that lurk around the Feather River."

Salvador says, "be careful for predators and you can eat bugs."

Ace says, "I told Steve to be warned about the bears and bigger fish and also birds."

Marcelo says, "watch out for any sharks and birds and stay with your school friends and have fun."

Good advice not just for these third graders, but something for all of us to take to heart.

In the next few weeks, these students will begin studying the river's Steelhead population, because as she says, the circle of life never ends.


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