Kids Learn About Ag at 8th Annual Agribee

Nov 17, 2012 11:50 AM

It's an annual event that teaches kids about food and farming while adding in some friendly competition. 16 elementary school students from around the North State went head to head Friday for the 8th annual Agribee. Students must win a competition at their individual school before moving on to the finals. The finalists are then given a little over a week to prepare. During the competition students are asked to spell and define words to avoid elimination. Last year's winner, Ryan Pryor, says the experience can be nerve wracking.

"It was pretty terrifying because I didn't study that much, but i knew that I had to do my best," he says.

For others, getting to watch and then participate seems to help boost the confidence level a bit.

Daria Danley, a 5th grader at Walden Academy says, "I got to get a few pointers from my friends last year because they were in it. So I got to get a little advice."

With a list of roughly 400 words, students say there is a lot of prep work involved.

"I really studied. In class if I ever had any free time, I'd study. That's all I would ever really do," says Pryor.

The competition isn't all about winning or losing though. Farm Bureau officials say the main goal is to stress the importance of agriculture in the North State.

Chancee Wooten, a 5th grader at Chapman Elementary, was this year’s winner. She got to take a home a brand new Dell laptop for spelling the winning word, "ornamental". The 2nd and 3rd place winners were given Kindle e-readers.


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