Kids In Action; Paradise High School

Jan 19, 2009 10:53 AM

Going green is the idea, but it's the color blue that you will most often see on the Paradise High School campus!

That's thanks to the efforts of the Ecology and Sustainability Club, where the goal is simple: to promote recycling and to get people involved.

The club was started last year and has since grown to almost thirty students. Members oversee the recycle bins on campus, empty them and take what's collected to a local recycling center.

Advisor Wendy Marsters says the students are inspiring to others.

"It is a great group of kids, they are passionate about ecology and recycling and passing that message on to younger generations like the middle school, they're amazing," Marsters said.

Club members also spread their message with green facts, which are read by the teachers as part of the campus bulletin. They also plan on painting a mural.

"I'm involved in this club because I think it's a great cause, and I think that when students can get together and share a love and passion for conservation and being good citizens of the earth, then we should do it," Co-President Jessican Munger said.


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