Kids in Action: Colby Demo

Oct 6, 2008 11:09 AM

A lot of things can happen in eight seconds...especially if you're on a bull. 12-year-old Colby Demo isn't scared though. He's been riding since he was three, "mutton bustin" at the Corning Junior Rodeo and he'll be riding steers until December, when he turns 13 and hops on the back of a junior bull. With five championships this year under his belt, colby is happy to share his success...there was a fundraiser for his Uncle David, who had liver cancer, and he bought a 500-dollar shirt to show his support. This brave and giving youngster is on his way and can't wait to go pro...Mom & Dad aren't worried though, because he's one tough cowboy...An avid 4-H'er and honor roll student in addition to being a bullriding champ, Colby is a well rounded kid who's headed to the finals in Redding. If you'd like to see Colby ride, check him out October 25 and 26th at the Redding rodeo grounds.


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