Kids In Action, April 28; Science Ambassadors

Apr 29, 2013 7:04 PM

At one Middle School in Oroville, the students aren't content sitting in class learning out of books all day. In fact, a group of students at the school have actually become teachers.

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Earth Day may have been last Monday, but for these students, the outdoor lessons continued all week long.

From a Blue-Tongued Skink, to a black and white Tegu, to a European Brown Bear, There were animals of all colors, shapes, and sizes on display for the kids to see.

Raechel says, "the animals were really cute, they were cool, I learned some new stuff, I discovered a new animal that I'd never seen before."

The boys and girls in white lab coats aren't just here to learn.

Science teacher Jackie Musselman says, "my kids are the teachers and the 6th graders are the students."

Eighth Graders at Ishi Hills Middle School have the opportunity to become Science Ambassadors, and share their passion for exploration with others.

Bailee says, "there are things that I didn't know that they know, or there are things that they didn't know that I help tell them and they learn it."

And these ambassadors aren't just teaching a younger crowd. They also take field trips to Chico State where they lead lab sessions for college students.

Knik says, "it makes you feel great, it makes you feel like you're older and you know what you're doing."

In this case, the old adage rings true: if you want to truly learn something... teach it to others.

Ms. Musselman says, "it's the only way to learn. When you're doing science and it's hands-on science, it makes it real, makes it accessible."

Teacher Amy Brooks says, "they come up with so many questions, questions that I couldn't possibly have asked them."

And it turns these Middle-Schoolers into better students, with a better perspective on life.

Raechel says, "it makes me feel like I've done something, I've succeeded, and now I know how teachers feel when they succeed."


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