Kids In Action; April 21, Thunderbird Robotics

Apr 23, 2013 1:20 PM

A group of local high school students have spent the last few months learning how to build a robot. As reporter Rick Carhart shows us in tonight's Kids In Action, these young engineers are proving that learning math and science can lead to high-flying fun.
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For the Las Plumas and Oroville High School students working on this project, the school day didn't end when the bell rang.

Teacher Jonathon Andrew says, "a core 11 students would come in after school and work 5 hours a night during the week and then 8 hours on the weekend."

Beginning in January, the team had six weeks to design and build a robot that could accomplish specific tasks.

Jessie says, "there's a lot of math involved, organization skills."

Mr. Andrew says, "we had to figure out the trigonometry in order to get our Frisbee to fly through the air and actually hit the target we were aiming for."

Since 1992, the "FIRST" Robotics Competition has been challenging students across the country, but this year was the first time a local school has gotten involved.

Mr. Andrew says, "all these students are rookies, so we're asking everyone to learn and do completely new things.

Kira says, "what I was specifically doing was getting information about other teams and what they're doing with their robot."

And many of these kids got out of their comfort zone.

Aubri says, "before I wasn't good at using tools, this year I was one of the main people working on the robot and putting it together."

Jessie says, "you get to learn how your team cooperates together, in the end we just became a really big family."

Last month they took their robot to Sacramento, where they competed against 53 other teams... many of which have been building robots for years.


Although they didn't win the competition, the fact that these kids built a working robot was reward enough.

Mr. Andrew says, "they're always excited to see the practical application of what they're learning in the classroom.

The Thunderbird Robotics Team learned a lot about the how to build a working robot, and they plan to compete again next year.


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