Juveniles Arrested for Possesion of Knives at a Chico Jr. High School

Apr 18, 2013 2:00 PM

Last night at approximately 6:45 p.m., Chico Police Officers responded to a report at Marsh Jr. High School in Chico of a juvenile in possession of a handgun. The intended victim reported the suspect had made death threats against him and then brandished a firearm while on school grounds. This incident occurred while students were attending an after school event on campus.

While in route to the school, the officers were advised the suspect and three other subjects had left the area and were last seen along the fence line of the school near Notre Dame Boulevard. Officers arrived in the area and began a search for the suspected group. A description of the suspect and the other subjects in the group were provided to the officers.

A short time after officers began their search, an officer observed the suspect group on Forrest Avenue near Springfield Drive. The group was detained by officers and two knives and a screwdriver were found on the juveniles. No firearm was found on anyone in the group, nor was one located within the area. It was later determined by police the handle of the screwdriver may have been mistaken for the butt of a handgun. Two of the juveniles in the group were arrested for possession of a knife on school grounds and the other two were released to their parents.


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