Junior high student ill after school prank

Jan 26, 2015 8:58 PM by News Staff

Parents of a Chico girl are concerned after their child ate a cookie in school that allegedly made her sick, but what upset them is what they say was put in the cookie intentionally.

It seemed like a normal day at Bidwell Jr. High in Chico until the school got a phone call from a concerned parent. "She informed me that her daughter and some other kids in one of their classes, a foods class, had been playing pranks on each other," said Laurie DeBock, Assistant Principal at Bidwell Jr. High School.

The parent told the school that her daughter ate a cookie with foil intentionally put into it. "My understanding is she realized there was foil in it, she took it out, and that was the end of that. But she went home and was not feeling well," said Debock. Summer Yergenson said "by Thursday night, she was throwing up and she hasn't been able to hold anything down since then." She said her daughter's health continued to worsen, so she took her to the hospital. "By Saturday we took her into the E.R. in the morning and they gave her fluid. They put some Zofran, which is an anti-nausea medicine into her IV."

Doctors told them the blood work came back clean. "They don't know what could've caused it. It could've been something in the cookie but we don't know for sure," said Summer Yergenson.

Debock said she went to the class this morning to get to the bottom of it. "I explained to them that they had a classmate that was very ill and that we wanted to make sure that if she took something or was given something, maybe she was having an allergic reaction." She asked the students to anonymously write down what they knew on an index card and a female student came forward saying she put the foil in the cookie. "I said did you wrap a pill up or an aspirin. She kind of got alarmed and said 'no, I wouldn't do that.'"

The girl who put the foil in the cookie wasn't disciplined since it wasn't malicious, but the parents say more should be done. "I think that other parents at the school would probably side with me thinking that a stern conversation is not enough in this situation," said Brad Yergenson.

The school says they'll continue to look into the incident if anything new comes up, but for right now they're concerned for the student's health. "Our major concern is for the student who is still sick and trying to figure out what's going on with her. We're hoping that she is okay."

Both school officials and parents say this is a reminder that it is always dangerous to put anything into anyone's food as a joke. You never know if somebody could have an allergy that could make them very sick.


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