Juneuary in the north state

Jan 24, 2014 8:01 PM

The calendar says January, but here in Redding, it feels more like June.

From kites to bikes, the lack of snow on Mt. Shasta means that people are still enjoying summer activities.

"The weather's perfect, it's windy, not too warm, and not too cold, perfect," Shonna Jackson said.

It's quite a change for Jackson, who moved here from Mississippi.

"My grandmother told me if was like 20 something degrees in Mississippi, so that's different," Jackson said.

While locals are having no problems finding ways to enjoy the sun, they can't help but be concerned about the negative effects.

"No water's just going to put California in a drought, that means agriculture, everything. Everyone gets affected by it one way or another," Cody Wilkins said.

Dan Fisher, who plays soccer with his co-workers during their lunch hour, says that he wouldn't mind giving that up for some rain.

"Plants need water, our lakes need water, so it'd be nice if we can get some real good winter weather," Fisher said.


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