July 4th Proves to Be Busy Time for Animal Shelters

Jul 5, 2012 11:05 PM

While July Fourth is a time to celebrate and have fun, it can also be a scary time for pets. Officials at Butte Humane Society say shelters take in more dogs after the fourth than any other time of year.

Butte Humane Society Community Outreach Director Lori Wells says, "Due to the fireworks and all of the noises it's very terrifying for dogs and cats. Often times they will escape yards, or if people take their dogs to fireworks shows not knowing they'll often get loose and take off running."

Last year in Chico, 26 dogs were either seized by animal control or brought in as strays during the week leading up to Independence Day. The week after, 38 dogs were picked up, a 46-percent increase. Only 2 dogs have been picked up in Chico since Wednesday night, but Butte Humane staff members expect that number to go up over the next few days. Looking ahead to next year, there are ways to prevent your dog from getting loose and keep them safe during the holiday.

“Some of the things that Butte Humane Society recommends is making sure you're dog is inside or in an enclosed space. That's a crate or a kennel with a roof on it. That's really important because sometimes dogs can get out still by climbing the fence," says Wells.

Another thing you can do is play some music, or close your windows and curtains to drown out the noise during the fireworks show. If your dog does get out, one way to make sure it gets back home again is to have it micro-chipped or wearing its tags. You can also visit Chico Animal Service's website, where pictures of stray animals are posted and updated daily.


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