Joplin Tornado Survivor

Jun 26, 2011 8:02 PM

"I opened my door and everything was gone. I mean everything." 66 year old Linda Moore has lived in Joplin for most of her life. And has never experienced anything like the May 22nd tornado, that destroyed a third of her home-town..

"The sirens were going off, but I didn't pay attention to them." Moore says hearing sirens was a frequent occurrence, so she was expecting a typical windstorm that fateful Sunday night. But after trying to turn on the television and realizing she was without power, she decided to head into the closet for safety. And the next 15 seconds, Moore says, was a blur. "I don't recall anything. It was so fast."

But the EF-5 tornado, with nearly 200 mile per hour winds, worked quickly, ripping apart everything in its six mile path. More than eight thousand buildings were damaged or destroyed by the twister. 141 people died. Making it the deadliest tornado in the U.S. since 1947.

"The hospital was completely destroyed. It was moved 10 feet.. Just a whole building." But for those who survived, the devastating part was losing family and friends. "I never want to go through another one. Never!"

Moore says she plans to stay in Chico with family friends until September.. When she'll return to Joplin to be with her brother.


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