Jon Allard takes home a huge title more than 6,000 miles from home

Apr 12, 2016 1:43 AM by Lee Carrell

Born and raised in Chico, Jonathan Allard grew up wanting to be a sprint car driver and has become one of the best Northern California has ever seen. However, while he remains one of the most popular racers on Friday night's at the Silver Dollar Speedway, his fame has really skyrocketed half a world away. Every winter for the past fifteen years Allard has traveled to either Australia or New Zealand to race. He's had plenty of success during that time, but maybe never as much as this year.

"We were able to capture the New Zealand title, the track championship, and also the Rolling Thunder Championship," Allard said.

Needless to say, that success has made him very beloved driver to many people in New Zealand. Others though aren't that fond of an American coming over and dominating on foreign soil.

"We've won a bit, so you still get that love-hate relationship," Allard said. "We love that about the sport. We want people to root for us and against us, and that's what makes it competitive."

Currently Allard is back in Chico running another season in the King of the West Series and making it out to the Silver Dollar Speedway on most Friday nights. However with the success and time he's spent overseas, Allard now feels like he has two homes.

"New Zealand's become a second home, but Chico's always been a special place and always will be," Allard said.


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