Joint Replacement Helps Woman Gain Her Life Back

Aug 21, 2013 7:39 PM

Connie Rowe isn't so different from countless others.

"I've always been very active and a runner and a dancer and a cheerleader," said Rowe.

But over the last decade that activity has taken its toll on her body leading to torn ligaments and surgeries. Connie exhibited all the classic symptoms that would lead to the inevitable.

"Its been increasingly difficult to do the things I like to do,” said Rowe. “Bike riding, hiking, taking care of the grandchildren, being able to swim with them in the pool and get to them quickly."

Dr. Bill Watson has been performing joint replacement surgeries at Enloe Medical Center for 11 years, he has done 60 to 70 knee replacements this year alone and says the results speak for themselves.

"If you go from a situation where you're super painful,” said Watson. “You have dysfunction, you have deformity and you give someone a nice new balanced knee there's a dramatic difference for them and their lifestyle."

Since her knee replacement surgery on July 22, Connie has made significant progress, starting with a walker, moving to a cane, and recently being able to go up and down stairs without any help.

"I was tired of getting up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and feeling like I was a bent over old woman and that's already gone," said Rowe.

Joint replacements are major surgeries. The physical therapy is difficult and it can take a year or longer to fully recover, but the reward is getting your life back.

"Knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder replacements are definitely game-changers for many people," said Watson.

Tomorrow night Enloe Medical Center will be hosting a joint-replacement seminar. That seminar is full, but another seminar is scheduled for October 10 at the enloe conference center on the esplanade. To learn more about Enloe’s joint replacement program, visit


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