Jesus Center Starts a Garden

Jan 28, 2013 7:40 PM

Chico's Jesus Center feeds the hungry ... and now the people it serves are growing food as well.
The center is leasing a 2 and a half acre garden plot at the west end of 16th Street.
It will feature a salsa garden, which will supply a salsa-making operation at the Jesus Center's commercial kitchen.
A flower garden will produce flowers for the "Sabbath House" flower cart
The Sabbath House is a shelter for women and children, run by the Jesus Center.
Local businessman and volunteer Brian Pierce says, "This is a little bit about growing produce. It'll go back to the Jesus Center and into some salsa and maybe BBQ sauce, but it's really about changing lives ... So "food for change" is what we're talking about."}
Debra Brown is someone who relies on the Jesus Center and Sabbath House, "I think it's an art form in itself. I like to work in gardens and look at the product afterwards, when it grows into something nice."
An upcoming Rotary Club barbeque and clean up day will help prepare the site.
The land is being leased for just a dollar a year, from the owner of Northern Star Mills.###


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