Jesus Center offers up Christmas Eve meals, presents

Dec 25, 2014 2:01 PM

At the Jesus Center on Park Avenue, as they do every year, people-in-need lined up for a hot Christmas Eve meal.

The line was long, and there were many folks excited to sit together and enjoy the hearty feast. The Jesus Center also gathered gifts for children, and Santa was on hand to greet them.

Homeless advocate Laurie Maloney said it's not only important to break bread together, but to get to know your neighbor. She said, "A big part of today is serving the meal to people. But we encourage everybody to take time to get to know the people they are serving."

Jennifer Reid was there to enjoy a meal, and to pick up some things for her kids. She said, "It's actually really cool to see the kids come through. They're not my kids, but it's cool to see them light up." Ivy, 10, was there to help the volunteers, and she really enjoyed handing out gifts. She said, "I like giving people stuff. Especially the people who don't get as much stuff."

The Jesus Center staff estimated more than 400 people were served.


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