Jerry Brown in Chico

Nov 1, 2010 11:39 AM

Two days before mid-term elections.. and the race to be california's next governor is showing no signs of slowing down.Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown made a stop in Chico Sunday morning.

Jerry Brown says, "the key to California is imagination, it's innovation, it's creativity. It's not going backwards, it's remembering the past and I'm rooted in the traditions of California but that's why I feel so free to welcome the change, change is what's going to make California sustainable."

Democratic governor candidate, Jerry Brown visited Chico Sunday. With throngs supporters lining the streets anxiously waiting. Supporters packed into local Chico restaurant, Broadway Heights, to see Brown arrive shortly after 11am. Many carrying signs and chanting his name.

Brown supporter Cheryl Prwell-Smith says, "I'm here to support Jerry Brown. I'm kind of passionate about what happens in this election." Marilyn Friedman says. "I think he's good for our future. Honestly, truthfully I don't like Meg and I don't want her in office."

Local political figures such as Scott Gruendl and Mary Flynn were on sight showing their support for Brown as well. Even Mayor Anne Schwab, was there to welcome Brown to Chico. Mayor Schwab says, "I think that he knows as a former mayor that it's important to touch base with cities. City government is very close to the people. He has that experience and that experience will do well for him as governor."

Brown's visit lasted about 30 minutes. He gave a speech about his ideas for change in California. Brown referred to having had family in Colusa and Williams, and mentioned being a cattle rancher and longs to keep California's "pioneer spirit" alive. Brown says, "Today we have millions of people out of work in California and in America. We have people losing their homes by the millions and that's the direct consequence not of immigrants, not of teachers, not of nurses, but of bankers and wall street workers."


rown also pushed for innovation, inclusion, and respect for the environment. He left Chico around 11:45, moving on to his next campaign stop.


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