January 27, Kids In Action; Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Jan 28, 2013 1:51 PM

Mesa Vista School in Oroville serves the special needs community through the Butte County Office of Education.
In tonight's Kids In Action, reporter Rick Carhart takes a look at how a class of these students decided to remember the tragic killings in Newtown, Connecticut and help those affected... on the healing road.


Judy Tatom doesn't measure her students' classroom progress by homework or test scores, and she can't simply talk to them about current events.

Judy says, "it's hard for them to understand exactly what's going on in the news."

She heard about a program where students cut out snowflakes and hung them up as a memorial for the Sandy Hook students who lost their lives in December.

Judy says, "it's something that they can participate in, they can practice, and while we were doing it we were talking about how others felt and how they felt."

When employees at the Office of Education heard about the project, they wanted to get involved.

Director of Special Education Michelle Zevely says, "they did a beautiful job, they really took a lot of care and time and they enjoyed being here and putting it up."

Some wrote inspirational messages on their snowflakes, and they all poured their heart and soul into the project.

Michelle says, "the students do love to give back to the community, they do have so much support in their lives, and that they can help others and feel a part of that makes them feel very special and valued."

Their teachers and other caregivers work hard for these kids, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Judy says, "they teach me so much more than I could give to them... I go home at night and feel like my life is fulfilled."

In Oroville, I'm Rick Carhart for Action News.


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