Irrigation pump explosion sends worker to hospital

Apr 17, 2014 11:26 AM

One man is in the hospital after an irrigation pump exploded in his face north of Orland last night.

44-year-old James Lindell and 43-year-old Joseph Gilmore were working on a new irrigation pump on County Road 9, near Lake Elementary School in the Lake District. Glenn County Sheriff Jones says Lindell opened the fuel cap while the engines were running, causing an explosion and what Sheriff Jones calls an "unfortunate accident" leaving Lindell in a tremendous amount of pain.

Gilmore took Lindell back to his home, as the pump was on his property, where he reported the accident. An emergency helicopter came to Lake Elementary School to transport Lindell to the UC Davis Burn Center, where he is reported to be in good condition.

There is a warning sign on the fuel pump, advising not to open the cap while the engines are running. Sheriff Jones says this pump had previously run out of gas, so Lindell inadvertently opened the cap to make sure they didn't run out of diesel again.


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