Iowa Caucus: Will new caucus-goers be able to turn the tide for new candidates

Feb 1, 2016 9:19 PM by NBC News

One of THE most important questions we had about both sides of the electorate was how many first-time caucus-goers will turn up in Iowa.

In 2008, Obama famously engaged a flood of new participants, with a majority -- 57 percent -- of caucus-goers showing up for the first time.

At least at this early stage, we aren't seeing a similarly huge tide on the Democratic side.

It's somewhere north of four-in-ten who are new to the process, but not a majority.

That could be tough news for Sanders, who has hoped to replicate Obama's new wave of caucus-goers eight years ago.

On the Republican side, the share of new participants is about the same as on the Democratic side.

Currently, Ted Cruz is leading on the republican side of the aisle while Hilary Clinton is commanding a slight lead in the Democratic caucus.


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