Investigators Say Chico Shooting May Be Gang Related

Nov 26, 2010 7:47 PM

Shots rang out Thursday afternoon interrupting a Thanksgiving gathering on the corner of Humboldt Road and Cypress. Investigators say a group of people arrived at the home and after a brief conversation, one of the visitors fired a gun, hitting one person in the shoulder. Sgt. Billy Aldridge of the Chico Police Department says, "We sent officers to the house and to the hospital where we did locate a victim with a gunshot wound."

Chico Police are still not clear about the details on the case, but are urging neighbors to keep a lookout for any suspicious activity. Sgt. Aldridge says, "Get descriptions of the vehicles, get license plate numbers, call us immediately, don't wait until something occurs."

Police say the area on Humboldt Road where the shooting took place is no stranger to violent activity. "This residence in particular is a known gang member residence," Sgt. Aldridge says.

Former Humboldt Road resident, Kimberlee Wheeler moved from the area because of a gang related drive by shooting that took place at her house in 2009. "You feel really vulnerable and that's the hard part because I've always felt very safe in Chico."

Although no one was hurt, Wheeler says the incident shook her up and she feels gang related problems are on the rise in Chico. Kimberlee says, "It does concern me. I still look out my window more than I should."

Gang problems may be prominent in Chico, but the police department is doing everything it can to keep the streets safe. Sgt. Aldridge says, "I think that we do a pretty good job at keeping these people documented and keeping an eye on them. But again it's something we have to stay on top of because if we don't, the second you give them an inch, they take a mile on you."


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