Investigators hoping boot leads to Glenn Co. remains ID

Jul 1, 2014 2:35 PM by News Staff

Glenn County Sheriff's Office investigators said Tuesday they were able to recover a boot still attached to the right leg of the human remains pulled out of the Sacramento River on June 21.

Detectives are hoping the boot will help them with the identification process.

The boot has been identified as a Brahma brand, men's size 9.5 and the label inside the boot is printed with the following: "Alpha", "ASTMF2413-05" and "2590418" stamped on the boot tongue.

Detectives, along with the boot manufacturer are now attempting to trace these numbers in an effort to learn where the boot may have been sold.

The remains are currently in the possession of the Chico State University Human Identification Laboratory and the investigation is ongoing.

The Sheriff's Office has sent out a Critical Reach flyer to all law enforcement asking that any agency with a possible missing person match contact them, but at this time no match has been made.


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