Investigator Looking Into Discovery of Knife in Duenas Neighborhood

Jul 18, 2013 1:39 PM

(UPDATE)2:26 p.m.- According to the prosecution, the weapon recently located on Robinson Glen Drive in Cottonwood suspected to be the murder weapon in the Mark Duenas trial has been determined to be a handsaw and has no connection in the case.

Prosecutors Thursday told a Shasta County Superior Court Judge presiding over the Mark Duenas murder trial that investigators are looking into the discovery of a knife in the neighborhood where Karen Duenas was found stabbed to death last year.

Action News Now Reporter Charlene Cheng is reporting that the prosecution noted this development Thursday morning while the jury was not present in the courtroom. Prosecution was apparently informing the judge that a witness, presumably an investigator in the case, was not available because of this new development.

It appears someone living along Robinson Glen Drive in Cottonwood discovered a knife.

We still don't exactly when it was discovered. It's presumed to be some kind of knife.
Investigators searched the neighborhood and surrounding areas for days looking unsuccessfully for a weapon right after the May 5, 2012 murder.

Mark Duenas is accused of killing is wife Karen of 33 years at their Cottonwood home.

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