Investigation into fatal officer involved shooting concludes officers actions are justified

Oct 2, 2014 2:24 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

Details are emerging about the fatal officer involved shooting at the Oroville sunset inn. District attorney Mike Ramsey held a news conference indicating that the shooting was justified and that there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal action against the 3 officers that fatally shot Victor Coleman.

The findings come 5 months after officers Jared Cooley, John Nickelson, Marcus Tennigkeit fatally shot 53 year old Coleman at the sunset inn in Oroville.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey spent the afternoon detailing the incident and what lead to their official conclusion that the officers involved acted in reasonable self-defense..

The April 28th incident called police to the Sunset Inn for a suicidal subject with a knife in a motel room. After speaking with him a number of times by phone, officers learned the subject Victor Coleman was under the influence of methamphetamine, hallucinating, and attempting to harm himself. Coleman's estranged wife told officers that he had planned to "commit suicide by cop."

Officers devised a plan to enter the room and take Coleman into custody. That plan assumed Coleman would be near the front door.

Once officers rammed the door in, they learned Coleman was in the far end of the room.
When officers came towards him, Coleman aggressively stood up with a knife in one hand and a whiskey bottle in the other.
Officers say the blade could reach an exposed area over the top of officer Tennigkeit' ballistic shield. That's when he along with officer's Nelson and Cooley determined there was a threat. 18 shots were fired and 16 hit Coleman

Toxicology reports show that Coleman had nearly fatal amounts of methamphetamine in his system which could have led to his erratic behavior. Issues with whether or not officers should have entered the room and whether they should have waited did arise. The chief of police made it clear he fully supports their actions.

Coleman's family was not present at the conference but Ramsey tells us that the family is disappointed in the findings.
This is the final District Attorney's Office investigation. The Oroville police department plans on doing an internal investigation.


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