Investigation Continues into $3 Million Cocaine Arrest

Aug 8, 2013 7:06 PM

By Nick Dobis, News Web/Social Media Producer

Some questions have been answered, but more remain in the $3 million cocaine arrest on the I-5 a week ago today. According to Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones, the 30 kilogram seizure is the largest his task force has made in nearly a decade.

On August 1, Action News Now received a phone call from a woman traveling north on I-5 south of Corning just after 11 a.m. The woman stated she saw CHP officers removing “brick after brick” of what appeared to be drugs out of a vehicle they pulled over. The woman estimated there was close to 27 bricks. Action News Now contacted the Willows CHP Offices, but they did not return our initial inquiries.

On Tuesday, August 6, The Glenn County Interagency Task Force (GLINTF) sent out a brief press release five days after the arrest on the I-5. The press release stated 27 year-old Andres Guzman is from Los Angeles, but a home address Sheriff Jones gave us today revealed the man was actually from Lancaster, just north of Los Angeles. Sheriff Jones also stated the cocaine seizure is the largest the task force has made in almost 10 years.

Jones said Guzman was transported to Sacramento on Monday where he was handed over to Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents. The case is now considered a federal investigation. Sheriff Jones had no knowledge of any prior arrests on Guzman’s record.

GLINTF has not released any further details on the actual arrest other than what they stated in their press release. Lt. Sean Arlyn, the unit’s commander, did indicate to Action News Now they withheld releasing information on the arrest for five days in order to prevent leaking information that could jeopardize the investigation or potentially endanger the officers involved.

We then spoke with a DEA representative in San Francisco on Wednesday. All the representative was able to confirm was that the DEA “filed a complaint” against Guzman subsequent to his arrest by GLINTF. DEA agents were told GLINTF arrested Guzman after a K-9 alerted officers during the traffic stop. The representative was not able to confirm if the DEA was in custody of Guzman.

We have been attempting to contact law enforcement offices in the Los Angeles area to confirm if Guzman had a criminal record prior to his arrest in Glenn County on August 1. We have also asked regional and state NBC affiliates to assist in this report.


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