Innovative Chico school hopes to bring home huge grant

Apr 13, 2016 12:40 PM by News Staff

One of Chico high schools is hoping to receive a very large grant in the near future.

Laurene Powell-Jobs, wife of the late Steve jobs, has started a $50 million grant called XQ: The Super School Project, in an effort to help public schools with new and innovative education.

Inspire School of the Arts and Sciences, located behind Chico High, has been chosen as a possible recipient of a $10 million slice of the grant.

Students and faculty of the school express their focus on a variety of hands on skills for their students as they enter into the ever changing workforce.

"Inspire provides a lot of classes that provide opportunities for students that a lot of other schools don't provide," said Joy Zeichick, a junior at Inspire.

Jerry Crosby, principal at Inspire, said she hopes Inspire is selected for the grant so educators can continue the cutting-edge curriculum they’ve adopted at the school.

"The world is gonna be different for them than it is for us so we want to teach them to be thinkers, rather than reproducers of prior knowledge," she said.

Right now, nearly 350 schools are in the running and Powell-Jobs expects to name the five winners in August.

For more information about the grants, click here to visit the website.


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