Inmate attacked by Triple Murder Suspect in Shasta County Jail

Mar 22, 2014 5:39 PM

Shasta County jail officials say an inmate charged in the murders of three people tried to strangle his cellmate.

33-year-old Joshua McCormick was allegedly caught trying to choke 23-year-old Kenneth Edwards in their cell late Friday night.

McCormick is charged with the October 25th murders of Tommy Burton,65, and Michael Forsyth, 57, and 31-year-Eric Ratledge.

According to the Associated Press, Sheriff’s officials said Edwards wasn't breathing after deputies controlled the situation. He was sent to a hospital for treatment and later returned to the jail.

Edwards was being held on several warrants, and had requested to be housed with McCormick because the two were friends.

Deputies want McCormick to be charged with attempted murder for the attempted strangling.###


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