Incoming drug store met with cheer, jeers

May 12, 2016 6:57 PM by News Staff

There's a new big business being built in Palo Cedro Village in Shasta County and not everyone is happy about it.

By next winter this construction zone will be transformed into a new Rite Aid. While some people are excited for the new business, others don’t want to welcome the change. And the construction workers have heard it all.

Construction is under way for the new rite aid pharmacy in Palo Cedro, and it’s attracted plenty of drama.

"People don't like change typically and this is definitely a change so they want to complain and call it a big box store but it’s really a benefit for Palo Cedro," said Eddie Axner of Eddie Axner Construction, a contractor working on the Rite Aid.

Most upsetting to people are the plans to demolish the beloved windmill in the shopping center.

"The windmill was built in 1986,” Axner said. “In my opinion that's not that old so it doesn't carry a lot of weight from a historical point of view in my opinion."

But one woman disagreed.

"There was an individual who lives in the area that wanted to preserve some of the history and she actually spent money and she wanted the blades and the motor so she actually came and got those," Axner said.

And the windmill wasn’t the only thing people wanted.

"Somebody was interested in the vault door and last night they decided to take a pick up and try and rip it off of the vault,” Axner said. “The old concrete block behind me is the vault for the old north valley bank that was here and somebody came down here last night and hooked it with a chain and ripped it off the vault."

There were still fresh tire marks on the ground indicating a struggle to try and rip off the 1000 pound door, but ultimately it must have been too heavy to lift so it's been left on the ground with straps still attached. Eddie Axner has a final message for any would be thieves.

"Stay away from our stuff,” said Axner. “I will hunt you."

The new Rite Aid which is set to be open for winter 2017 is designed to blend in with the existing businesses and have a more natural look to it.


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