In cuba just 50 cars sold in 6 months under new law

Jun 30, 2014 10:00 PM by Liza George

HAVANA (AP) - Cuban authorities say auto dealerships have sold just 50 automobiles and four motorcycles across the country in the nearly six months since a new law took effect letting islanders buy vehicles without a special permit for the first time in decades.

Government-run news website Cubadebate reported Monday that sales totaled about $1.3 million. It works out to an average of about $23,800 per vehicle.

Many Cubans were delighted when the new rules were announced in December - and then left aghast by the sticker prices once they took effect.

For example a Peugeot family car that listed for $262,000 in Havana costs $53,000 in the United Kingdom.

The licensed dealerships also sell lower-priced used vehicles, including former rental cars with high odometer readings.

Most Cubans earn about $20 a month.

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