Improving Weather Ahead In Your Friday Farmcast

Aug 29, 2014 12:52 PM by Cort Klopping

A slight dip in temperatures, and rebound in humidity will make conditions a bit more comfortable for those working outside today. Temperatures started out in the low 70's this morning, and are projected to climb into the mid to high 90's this afternoon. There will also be an even bigger dip in temperatures ahead for your holiday weekend, before they rebound on Labor Day. Winds will stay fairly moderate, and are only projected to be around 10mph out of the South this afternoon.

Humidity values will fall into the 30% to 40% range this afternoon, which is around 10% higher than yesterday. They will fall back into the 25% range for the beginning of next week. Temperatures will also climb back into the mid to high 90's, after dropping into the low to mid 90's over the weekend.


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