Images of Lake Oroville spread globally; Bidwell Canyon Launch now open

Aug 28, 2014 8:02 PM by Brian Johnson

Images of Lake Oroville during California's desperate drought have gone viral.

Organizations from CNN to National Geographic have documented the lake's extremely low water levels.

A pair of images Action News Now posted to Facebook, showing Oroville before and after, reached 1.7 million people and was share more than 60,000 times.

Houseboat owner Tim Linn agrees Oroville has become the new face of California's drought.

"I think it takes a higher profile as far as explaining California's drought and therefore they use it as an example possibly," said Linn. "It's a beautiful lake when it's full, and when it's empty it's not so pretty. So I can see where it makes good pictures."

On a positive note and just in time for Labor Day weekend, Lake Oroville's Bidwell Canyon Boat Launch is now open.
It opened today and will remain open until lake levels fall too low.

Boaters will now be able to use a 12 by 60 foot air tarmac and a dock to launch.

Four wheel drive is suggested.

The Spillway Launch area is also open, with a steep, gravel road for access. So four wheel drive is required.

Meanwhile Bidwell Canyon Marina's General Manager said they're shuttling people to their houseboats like never before.

In the past month, he said they've helped move 60 house boats off the lake.

(Photo Courtesy: California Department of Water Resources)


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