Illegal Trash Dumping Follows Oroville Clean-Up day

May 6, 2016 12:43 PM by Hayley Skene

All week, garbage has piled up along the streets in South Oroville.
It started as a courtesy clean-up, but now city officials say anyone caught dumping trash will be arrested.
On Saturday, April 30th, the city partnered with Vangaurd Recology and other local agencies to host a clean-up day on the south side.
Oroville city building official Gary Layman says they put out specific trash bins for people to fill between 8a.m. and 3p.m. only.
Layman says there was some misunderstanding along the way; people started leaving trash along residential streets, and they have continued to do so all week long.
Some southside residents say they're getting frustrated with their neighbors.
"Living in this part of the town we have a bad enough rap as it is. When you drive by it it looks like we live on a run down street and we don't at all," said Josie Strachan, a local resident.
"I feel like people are taking advantage of it, especially knowing that it's not getting picked up and continuing to throw stuff everywhere," said Kylee Rogers, who lives on the south side.
Some residents say they were never informed about when the clean-up day was, and that they've seen the city picking up trash all week and assumed that the clean-up was still going on.
Layman, however, says he personally handed out fliers in the south-side neighborhoods earlier this week.
he says while they're making some progress, every morning there's new trash pilling up.
Oroville Police Department and Butte County Sheriff's deputies will be patrolling the southside; anyone caught illegally dumping trash will be cited and arrested.


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