Illegal Shooting Ranges Shutting Down

Jul 31, 2013 5:50 PM

After decades of illegal shooting and dumping, several illegal North State gun ranges are being cleaned up and shut down.

The illegal shooting ranges are on Cohasset Ridge where litter, bullet casings and the potential for serious injuries has caused a great deal of concern.

Now, one man’s fight to clean up this mess has resulted in a $45,000 grant to do so. Scott Johnson is a Butte County enforcement officer who led the charge on shutting down these illegal gun ranges.

He says this mess gives responsible gun owners a bad name and that a small percentage ruined this area for others.

If people came up here and target shot in the banks and picked up their shells and picked up their trash and left this wouldn't be an issue,” Johnson said.

The cleanup of these illegal shooting ranges starts Aug. 5 and will take about two weeks to complete. Once it’s done, there will be increased patrol and access to the area will be blocked.


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