Igo family rebuilding their home after Clover Fire destroys it

Apr 23, 2014 8:24 PM

Signs of life are starting to sprout, months after the Clover Fire claimed a life -- destroyed more than 68 homes -- and charred 8,000 acres in the Igo-Ono area last summer.

“…at this point I’m just thinking of where I should place everything in the house…how it should be organized…”

The "home life" is starting to come together for Tamara Trent.
She lost her home in the Clover Fire last year, and not coming back wasn't an option.

“My husband and I have lived here for 30 years, it’s our home.”

For the last several months, Tamara and her husband have been patiently living out of their trailer, waiting for their new home to be ready.

“It’s really cramped.”

Today, construction crews finished painting the garage, and started sanding the interior of the house for re-texturing.

Tamara has been through a lot in the last year, and losing her home to the Clover Fire felt like the cherry on top.

“I was diagnosed with a hereditary debilitating disease 3 days before the fire.”

But Tamara says she faced many hurdles with Shasta County -- she claims they went back on their word with new construction building permits.

“…they said they'll waive the fees, but that never happened.”

I tried contacting Shasta County Building Director Dale Fletcher and District 2 Supervisor Leonard Moty for more information, but didn't receive a response.

“Everything will be ok though, we’re survivors...it’ll be ok.”

Tamara is focusing on the bigger picture -- and that's rebuilding the life she had on Marsha Way.

“I lost everything in this fire…so we're going to make new memories here, and start a new chapter in our lives…it’s going to be really exciting.”

The Trent family got their building permit in December, and started construction of the house in February.

They are expecting to move into their new home by May.


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