Ice Company Summer Dream Job

Jun 7, 2013 7:51 PM

Talk about a dream job when the weather gets this hot ... how about working for an ice company?
It's below freezing in the garage-sized freezer at the North State Ice Company in Redding.
The company delivers ice to stores, gas stations, marinas and fairs in several counties to the tune of about 12 million pounds a year.
Owner Dave Huber told Action news he'll move 60 to 80 thousand pounds of ice a day in this heat, and he says there are definitely perks to the job.
"Well, definitely I go in and cool off every once in awhile because it's a nice 25 degrees inside. It fees very nice this time of day," adds Huber.
And business is definitely booming right now ... As North State Ice will deliver about 120-thousand pounds of ice next week to the Shasta County Fair. ###


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