I-5 Shootout Suspect Guilty on All Counts

Feb 26, 2013 2:15 PM

450 years in prison, that's what an Oregon man faces after being convicted by a Shasta County jury this morning.

Albert Smith faced 25 felony counts after using an AK-47 type gun in a shootout with police in October of 2011.

The jury was presented with several pieces of evidence including a video that captured the entire event, but the district attorney who tried the case says the officer’s testimony was the key.

“To me the most important piece of evidence was the fact that every officer got up there, and told the truth. And it was evident to the jury that they were just getting up there and recounting what they saw, felt, smelt and lived through that day,” said Deputy D.A. Curtis Woods.

Tonight on Action News we'll have reaction from one of the officers that smith tried to kill.


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