I-5 Rainy Weather Travel

Mar 31, 2014 7:47 PM

Parts of the North State are drenched from the heavy storm that clobbered the area this weekend.
Many drivers started heading up to Oregon early, hoping to avoid the next round of the storm.

It's Monday -- and if you're not heading to work, you're heading home -- at least if you're stopping at the O'Brien Rest Area.

There's no sign the rain storm is going away soon, but that's not stopping travelers like Armand Gridelli, who's heading back home to Oregon.

"I know there's a front coming in...and we're trying to beat the snow cause I heard there's a lot of snow coming."

Gridelli was making his way up from the Bay Area, which he describes as a whole other world.

"The sun was shining in the Bay Area...and the farther we got north, then we started hitting some pretty heavy rain."

I spoke to one man from Vancouver, who drove all the way down to California to be in warm weather.

"This time we're getting a little wet a little sooner than we expected."

While the rain didn't seem to put a damper in his day, this Bay Area native wasn't too comfortable in his drive down from Ashland, Oregon.

"When we hit California, it started to snow...32 degrees, heavy snow..."

Much of the North State has been thirsty for this kind of rain, and while me might consider this to be a heavy downpour, out-of-staters say this weather is just a walk in the park.

"They said it might be snowing but I think it's just rain...but whatever."

Ken works for a trucking company in Oregon, and to him -- it's business as usual -- rain or no rain.

The roads in Lakehead were wet for most of the afternoon, and snow packed the side of the freeways in Siskiyou County.

These guys are prepared though.

"We got chains if it happens, we're prepared so...we're used to doing it."

As of 6pm tonight, Northbound I-5 and Highways 299 and 44 are clear, and no chain control advisories have been put in place.
You can head to the Caltrans website www.dot.ca.gov for information about winter driving tips.


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