I-5 bus crash victims rushed to Redding hospitals

Apr 11, 2014 9:27 PM

Nearby hospitals that didn't have enough room for the victims of the fiery bus crash on I-5 diverted them further North into the Redding area.

One by one -- the helicopters started landing -- patients with less-severe injuries were transported by ground ambulance .

"It was calm it was busy...everyone came together."

As they rushed the patients into the ER, trauma and emergency staff were ready for what was coming their way.

"We were set up...we isolated our trauma bays...we had a full staff ready to go."

They were able to get all 5 victims stabilized within 15 minutes of their arrival.

"It played out like a well-played orchestra."

The victims were all minors, and for privacy reasons, O'Dell couldn't comment on the extent of their injuries -- other than to say none were in serious condition.

"On behalf of everybody at Mercy, our hearts go out to these kids and their families."

The trauma team says the victims are lucky they didn't suffer any major injuries; all five were released early this morning.


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