Hwy 99 Construction Blocking Sound and Views

Dec 11, 2013 6:29 PM

Construction on a section of Highway 99 in Chico is raising some concerns and pitting homeowners against drivers.

Caltrans is installing a 14-foot sound wall on Highway 99 in Chico stretching from Highway 32 to East First Ave. It’s intended to do just that: block sound. But some say it's also blocking the most scenic views of Chico.

“I don’t see any reason why they have to waste money to put up a big old giant concrete wall,” said local landscaper Trevor Kremenliff. “One of the better parts of coming down the 99 is that you get to look at Bidwell Park. We love our trees here and if you don’t want to see that then take the 5.”

Kremenliff has family that lives behind Highway 99 and says the noise isn't too bad.

“It’s not like you're at a Motel 6 where you got the interstate right next to it,” he said. “You’ve been living here forever and you love it here. So, there’s no need to change it.”

Change, however, is coming and Caltrans has done its best to build it with Chico in mind.

“It’s got a wave pattern on it with a couple trees,” said Caltrans engineer Glen Lawson. “We wanted to capture the community and I think the design did a pretty good job of that."


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