Huntington Beach Repeals Plastic Bag Ban After Two Year Trial

Apr 21, 2015 11:54 AM by News Staff

(AP) - After it was put in place two years ago, only a single vote was cast in favor of keeping the plastic bag ban for Huntington Beach Monday night.

The Orange County register reports Councilman Mike Posey ran for office in order to repeal the ban, a platform that was supported by five other council members Monday night.

It'll take at least 30 days for the ordinance to have a second reading and go into effect, ending grocers' ability to charge 10 cents per paper bag.

Mayor Jill Hardy voted against the repeal and said she's concerned members of the public didn't have time to review and comment on the ordinance or an environmental impact report made available last Wednesday.

Voters statewide will decide whether to ban plastic bags through a November 2016 ballot initiative. Meanwhile, the City of Chico is in its first year under new rules banning free plastic bags at most retail stores.


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