Hundreds remember fallen heroes in Butte County

May 25, 2015 9:29 PM by News Staff

Chico residents paid their respects to fallen men and women of the military, this morning.
Hundreds of people attended the ceremony at the Chico Cemetery located on Mangrove Avenue.
Many laid wreaths and the Chico Community Band played ‘The Armed Forces Salute.'
"Everybody who raises their hand and say I solemnly swear,so fourth becomes part of the military signs a blank check including our life and a lot of people have, Military Veteran Gil Houston said.
Up on the ridge, veterans paid their respects to their fallen brothers and sisters.
The Paradise veteran counsel honor guard showcased a 1952 military jeep, also in attendance, the Beale Air Force base color guard. Veterans spoke about those who made the ultimate sacrifice, for our country.
I'm a Vietnam veteran so I truly understand the sacrifices that all the veterans go through. If you walk through the graveyard there are a lots of Veterans that served over the years, Wes Cochran said.
Back in 1971, Congress passed the national holiday act, which moved Memorial Day to the last Monday, in May.


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