Hundreds of Needy Families in Butte County are Fed

Jan 28, 2011 6:29 PM

Karla Mitchel from Chico says, "I'm eternally grateful for the help these people are giving us." Members of the Salvation Army in Chico and Oroville joined forces with 'Feed the Children' to provide roughly 800 families in Butte County with food boxes, household essentials, and a special box filled with Avon products.

Regina Verdugo, Chico Salvation Army Corps Assistant says, "Many of the families, they are looking at whether or not they can put food on their table and pay utility bills. And so they're usually the last ones to receive anything special."

Like single mom's Susan Forbes and Tanika Blasher who each have five children to feed. Susan says, "I'm a single parent. I've got my two teenagers, two grand kids, taking in a foster child and all this really helps. It's extremely helpful." Tanika says, "I'm very appreciative of Chico. How they come together to help people now a days. I think it's wonderful."

And like Corps Assistant Regina Verdugo explains, its more than just a box of food for these families. Regina says, "It's also important to continue to lift the hopes and the spirits of our community, to keep giving them that encouragement that people care and people want to help."


he items in each box were donated by people around the country through a program called 'Americans Feeding Americans' which has helped more than 200,000 families across America since 2009. Families like the ones in need today. "We were so glad that they called us and we hope to be able to form a real good relationship and do this more often," Major Patricia Wetter from the Oroville Salvation Army explains. Karla says, "It's a lifesaver. It really is."


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