Hundreds of CSUC students volunteer for Cesar Chavez day

Mar 31, 2015 5:39 PM by Brian Johnson

Hundreds of Chico State students chose to honor Cesar Chavez respectfully today as part of Cats in the Community.

Before students went to volunteer for a couple of hours, they heard from Chico State professor and recent winner of the Cesar Chavez Human Rights Award, Dr. Susan Green.

Green won the award from the California Teachers Association for her efforts in combatting the racist way some Chico State students were celebrating Cesar Chavez day.

She said it started in 2005 with Chico bars offering drink deals for students dressing up as Chavez, but Green said the racist stereotype persists at house parties today.

"This is very important to some people that there are people that work in the fields to pay to come here to Chico State," Green said. "There are people who have parents that still work in the fields, people who marched with Chavez." "And so being respectful is extremely important."

A large group of about 60 students volunteered at Annie's Glenn today, cleaning up and pulling invasive species of plants.

Others volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, Hooker Oak Elementary, and at a variety of other locations.

There was also a barbeque and a march from campus to downtown Chico.


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