How to receive a pass: Inside a Butte County health inspection

Jan 15, 2015 7:23 PM by Brian Johnson

Let the grading begin, as Butte County's new system for keeping tabs on food retail facilities is in full swing.

Today, an environmental health inspector with the county brought us along on an inspection at a grocery store on the ridge.

In order to receive a passing green placard, the facility must not have multiple major violations.

If a facility receives more than two major violations, they'll get a yellow card, and follow-up visits.

All major violations must be corrected on site the day of inspection.

"We really want to focus on what can make people sick, the food handling, the food temperatures, the processes, and employee hygiene, which can make people sick," Inspector Jennifer Veilleaux said.

Red cards are reserved for imminent health hazards, like rodent infestations or no hot water.

Holiday Market in Paradise received two green placards-one for the deli and one for retail.


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