How do outdoor workers cope with triple-digit temps?

Jul 7, 2014 8:06 PM

As the hot weather around the North State continues this week, some people don't have the luxury to keep cool outdoors.
Temperatures reached a scorching 111 degrees in Shasta County - so we asked outdoor workers how do they cope with the heat?

If these guys had it their way, they would've extended their weekend vacation another day -- or two.

"It's about 104 right now... or 105 degrees..."

Despite the rising temperature, work on the Antler's Bridge must go on; but construction crews can avoid the brunt of the heat - they start their day earlier.

"We read the pyrometer on the roof and it was 188 degrees."

That's what employees at Wait Roofing in Redding are planning to do over the next 6 to 8 weeks.
A city ordinance allow construction crews to begin working at 7a.m. - but in rural Shasta County, they can start as early as 6 O'clock.

"They don't really get to work a full day, because a full day of this kind of temperature wipes a guy out, so they work about 6 don't wanna pass out while you're on a roof and fall off the edge..."

Other outdoor workers like Marc Munoz, who has a set schedule, cool off a different way.

"I just push through the day, drink plenty of water and liquids...squirt myself every now and then with my trusty squirt gun...but it gets warm if you don't squirt early."

And then you have this ironic situation -- air conditioning specialists breaking out in a sweat, trying to blast cool air into another building.

"We're hoping to get this job done fairly rapidly so we won't be out in the heat later on otherwise we may not make it home today who knows..."

If you don't have a squirt gun and can't control the hours you work - you can wear light clothing and stay well-hydrated.


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