Housing Market on the Rise...

Jun 18, 2012 7:49 PM

Contractors in the US are breathing a little easier, after reports from the National Association of Home Builders show the housing market is slowly improving. New statistics show the building of houses, and the number homes sold are higher than they've been in the last five years.
New home sales have increased nearly eight percent in the last month alone and home prices are slowly ticking up. Local construction companies like Epick Homes are working on several new divisions to keep up with the growing demand. The sold 14 houses in the past three months, making up a large portion of the 45 homes that have been sold each month in Chico during the same time period.
According to recent data collected from Home Builders, on average, each new home that is built creates three jobs for a year. The building of a new home also generates around 90-thousand dollars in tax revenue.


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